Can you trim bathroom vanity tops?

Answer On One Hand: Wood Trim Installs EasyTrimming a bathroom vanity top with decorative wood mold is a quick and simple way to hide gaps between the vanity top and the walls it sits against. Choose flat... Read More »

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How to Replace Bathroom Vanity Tops?

A whole new look can be created by replacing a vanity top in the bathroom. It is not a very hard job, and can be done in under an hour. A new vanity top is an inexpensive and fast way to upgrade an... Read More »

How do I compare vanity tops?

Measure Your SpaceDetermine the type of vanity you would like in your bathroom. Measure the space where your vanity will go. Space limitations are the biggest factor in selecting a vanity sink. Set... Read More »

How to Install Marble Vanity Tops?

A marble vanity top can add detail and elegance to the bathroom design. Marble tops can be cut to the exact dimensions of your vanity and installation, and can be pre-cut for an undermount sink ins... Read More »

Can a bathroom vanity top be painted?

On One Hand: Custom Bathroom DecorPainting a bathroom vanity top is possible, and can give your bathroom a custom look. It is also a cheaper alternative to replacing your vanity, and can give even ... Read More »