Can you treat your hair with lice treatment while pregnant?

Answer Answer I think there are some brands of lice shampoo that are safe to use while pregnant. You should talk to a doctor to find out for sure what you can use. Answer You should read the instruction... Read More »

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Can you treat your hair with lice medicine while pregnant?

Answer NO! Check the package. That type of medicine can go into your bloodsteam and could potentially harm your baby. I am sure their are alternatives for lice other than the toxic chemicals you w... Read More »

Treatment for Getting Lice Out of Hair?

Children are targets for head lice because they play and study in close proximity to one another and can pass the bugs back and forth. Head lice are no larger than a sesame seed and cause itching a... Read More »

Hot Oil Treatment for Hair Lice?

Hair lice is common in school-age children but can affect adults, too. Over-the-counter medicines are available to combat lice infestations, though many people still resort to treating lice with ho... Read More »

How to Color Hair After a Lice Treatment?

Despite best efforts, head lice infestations are relatively common in schools, and can often spread to students' family members. Lice treatment products can be found in most drugstores, and are rel... Read More »