Can you treat your hair with lice medicine while pregnant?

Answer Answer NO! Check the package. That type of medicine can go into your bloodsteam and could potentially harm your baby. I am sure their are alternatives for lice other than the toxic chemicals you w... Read More »

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Can you treat your hair with lice treatment while pregnant?

Answer I think there are some brands of lice shampoo that are safe to use while pregnant. You should talk to a doctor to find out for sure what you can use. Answer You should read the instruction... Read More »

Lice lice lice i'm an 11 year old girl hat can not get rid of lice i don't want to shave my head help?

There is a whole bunch of things that need to be done to get rid of lice.You need to use some lice shampoo and use a lice comb.This should kill the lice and the comb removes the eggs.Then your bedd... Read More »

How to Treat Lice With Listerine?

How to Treat Lice With Listerine. If your children are in school, you're likely to experience lice. Getting it has nothing to do with cleanliness. They actually prefer clean hair because their nits... Read More »

How to Use Oil to Treat Head Lice?

Head lice are small parasites that feed on a minuscule amount of blood from bites on the scalp. A louse clings on to hair strands to pass from person to person through hair contact such as brushes,... Read More »