Can you travel standby on Amtrak?

Answer Amtrak does not offer standby tickets, like many airlines do. The rail service sells a ticket if there is an open seat and refuses a passenger if there is not. Amtrak, which is actually the Nationa... Read More »

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Can you travel standby on international flights?

On One Hand: It Can Often WorkMost standby passengers fall into one of two categories: friends and family of airline personnel, or travelers who have booked a full-fare ticket and either missed the... Read More »

How to Travel on Amtrak?

With concern about gas prices and energy shortages rising daily, Amtrak (the American passenger train system) is a better bargain than ever. Stations are typically located in the center of town, so... Read More »

My first Amtrak travel; what should I expect?

I find amtrak to be much less stressful than flying, though it takes longer. Security is not a big deal at all, because they routinely have a police officer or two on the train (don't worry, you wo... Read More »

At what speed does Amtrak travel?

Amtrak trains can go as fast as 100 miles per hour (mph), with the Acela---the high-speed train of the fleet---hitting 150 mph. The average speed, however, given track-design limitations and stops,... Read More »