Can you travel standby on Amtrak?

Answer Amtrak does not offer standby tickets, like many airlines do. The rail service sells a ticket if there is an open seat and refuses a passenger if there is not. Amtrak, which is actually the Nationa... Read More »

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Can you travel standby on international flights?

On One Hand: It Can Often WorkMost standby passengers fall into one of two categories: friends and family of airline personnel, or travelers who have booked a full-fare ticket and either missed the... Read More »

How to Travel on Amtrak?

With concern about gas prices and energy shortages rising daily, Amtrak (the American passenger train system) is a better bargain than ever. Stations are typically located in the center of town, so... Read More »

How to Travel on the Amtrak Cascades Train?

The Amtrak Cascades is the Amtrak line that connects Eugene, OR, Portland, OR, Seattle, WA, and Vancouver B.C. Its low-slung, European style, tilting cars are manufactured by Talgo, an Italian rail... Read More »

How fast do amtrak trains travel?

Amtrak trains operate nationwide and with almost 60 percent of its trains traveling faster than 90 mph, the service has proven to be the fastest mode of ground transportation in the nation.Source:A... Read More »