Can you travel from Ireland to Edinburgh without a passport?

Answer Getting on any plane to any destination anywhere in the world is currently most unlikely without identification, and the method of identification is most likely to be a passport so - NO.

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Do you need a passport to travel from Scotland to Northern Ireland by ferry?

According to ferry operator P&O Irish Sea, passports are required for trips taking ferry passengers outside the United Kingdom. Trips between Scotland and Northern Ireland do not cross internationa... Read More »

Do you need travel insurance to fly from Birmingham to Edinburgh?

It's purely your choice. Would you benefit from coverage if something happened causing you to need it, or would you be okay without it? Do you have other coverage through your credit card, bank or ... Read More »

How long was the travel time from London to Edinburgh in the 1750s?

In the 18th century, traveling between Edinburgh and London could take as much as 12 days by horse-drawn coach. The same roughly 400-mile trip today, thanks to cars and modern roadways, takes sligh... Read More »

Do I need a passport for going from england to ireland?

To enter our land bring your passport and print your boarding pass etc all the usual jazz. Unless you go by boat dont think you will need it then. Enjoy your stay in my country, but bring money, it... Read More »