Can you transport a child under 6 without a safety seat?

Answer You can of course transport a child under six without a safety seat. The question should be whether it is legal or advisable to transport a child under a certain age without safety seat using a spe... Read More »

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How much should a child weight in a car safety seat?

How to Anchor a Child Safety Seat?

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that people incorrectly install child safety seats as many as 8 times out of 10. To reduce death caused by car accidents, child safet... Read More »

Where are your child seat safety clips?

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What age does a child no longer need a special safety seat in the car?

Well. . .she would be her mother's dependent, so her mother is charged with taking care of her. It would probably be difficult to do that without her mother's permission. Also, minors in the U.S. (... Read More »