Can you transplant daffodils in the summer?

Answer Yes. It is advised not to transfer them while in bloom though. You can also store them over the winter indoors. See the related link for more information on daffodils.

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Can you transplant daylilies once they are blooming during the summer?

Although it is common practice to move daylilies during the spring or fall, they can be moved any time during the season. They are hardy enough to tolerate being divided and transplanted during the... Read More »

Are your daffodils up yet?

# your garden is about to become heaven just alittle while more

What has happened to my Daffodils?

The further north you are the later the flowers thanks to a very cold winter. Even if planted the wrong way up the daffodils will find their own way to the surface. However, the right way up is l... Read More »

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