How to Translate English Into French?

Answer Translating English into French covers a broad range of essential French verb conjugations and tenses. For every English verb, there exists a French pattern for conjugating the verb into different ... Read More »

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Translate flaca into English?

flaca means skinny or lean (for someone/something feminine)

How to Translate Hebrew Into English?

Hebrew is a remarkably poetic and fluid language because most nouns and verbs are based on a three-letter root, or "shoresh." The shoresh has a generic meaning that is only made specific by the pre... Read More »

How to Translate English Into Korean?

Korean is the official language of South and North Korea. More than 72 million people worldwide speak the Korean language. For people whose native tongue is English, Korean can seem intimidating. N... Read More »

How to Translate English Into Japanese?

Translating a piece of Japanese writing into English may seem like a daunting task, but with a little bit of practice and a sprinkling of dedication, you too will be able to spread your ideas aroun... Read More »