Can you transfer programs from one computer to another with a USB flash drive?

Answer No. You must re-install the programs. Files can indeed be transferred via USB flash drive, CD, DVD, or floppy disk (that is if you even have those around still). If you're worried because you lo... Read More »

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Is it true that you can transfer a virus from one computer to another by using a flash drive?

yes... and you do not have to open an infected file to be infected!windows actually automatically reads drive system config files, also automatically runs autorun files and some batch files.there a... Read More »

Can PowerPoint from one computer be put on a flash drive& transferred to another computer?

You can easily save a PowerPoint presentation to a flash drive, and then open and save the file to another computer. However, the computer to which you want to move the PowerPoint must also have Po... Read More »

How do I transfer pictures from a computer to USB flash drive?

Prepare the Flash DriveInsert the USB flash drive in an open USB port on your computer. A window will open up on your computer screen. Close that window. You will not need to use any information in... Read More »

Can a virus from one computer be transferred to another via a flash drive?

Yes. It's kinda like buying crack but you don't have to go to the crackhouse to get it. It come delivered to you.