Can you transfer an operating system from IDE to SATA?

Answer It is possible to transfer an operating system to a new hard drive, even if the new hard drive is SATA and the old one is IDE. This process requires hard drive cloning software. Additionally, if th... Read More »

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How to Transfer XP Operating System to New PC?

Many new hard drives come with image software that allows you to transfer the entire hard drive with operating system to a second drive. If you leave it in the same computer with the same motherboa... Read More »

Can I Transfer an Operating System From One Computer to the Other?

Say your computer dies and you decide to build your own. You already own an operating system so it seems logical that you can just transfer the license. For most Microsoft operating systems, you ca... Read More »

How to Transfer the XP Operating System to Another Drive?

Maybe it's time to replace your aging primary drive or you are looking to upgrade the size and speed of your C drive. You need to transfer your operating system, the settings and data files from th... Read More »

How to Transfer Windows XP Operating System From One Hard Drive to Another?

If you bought your computer five or more years ago, it probably came with some version of Windows XP on a fairly small hard drive. Either you outgrew the hard drive and need more space for your ope... Read More »