How do I "float" a liquer over juice?

Answer The trick is, to slow down the pouring of the alcohol - otherwise it will break the surface and not work. So - pour it gently onto a spoon, allow the booze to flow down the BACK of the spoon, and ... Read More »

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If i don't have Almond extract, could i substitute a liquer in something I am baking.. instead?

Sweetheart, you didn't note what you are baking? Are you wanting to put it into a cake, or pudding or foods? With a cake, you can use any type of extract...Banana extract/liquor with a bit of tr... Read More »

If I drive without a lisence what can happen?

You may kill yourself or others, because you don't lack a licence for nothing. Manuals require much more attention, meaning you can't watch other traffic as much as you should.

Can an 18 year old get a non drivers insurance just to have a lisence?

Answer Typically you don't need insurance in order to have a driver's license. If however you have violations on your driving record and are required to have an insurance policy in order to keep y... Read More »

What could the police charge someone with who hasn't got a lisence or insurance?