Can you transfer a movie from Windows media player to a digital video camera to be edited?

Answer Try using Windows Movie Maker, is easier than editing with the camcorder.

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How to Use a Digital Camera to Capture Video in Windows Movie Maker?

Windows Movie Maker is a Microsoft movie editing application that is available for free download, making it Microsoft's equivalent to Apple's iMovie. One of Movie Maker's features is its ability to... Read More »

Why won't Windows Live Movie Maker let me edit video I recorded with my Canon SD780 digital camera?

The file format may not be compatible with Windows Movie Maker. Check to make sure the file name extension (format) of the camera video is one of the following: .asf, .avi, dvr-ms, .m1v, .mp2, .mp2... Read More »

How to Add Windows Media Player Global Hotkeys for the Non Pro Microsoft Digital Media Keyboard?

There are two versions of the Microsoft Digital Media Keyboard: the "pro" version, which has buttons for play/stop/etc, and the non-pro version, which does not. This article shows how to assign the... Read More »

How do you tell the difference between a Secure Digital Multi Media card for a portable audio player versus a digital camera?

Answer My understanding is that an SD card is an SD card, no matter what the use is. The difference is what data is stored on it. (eg. Photos or music)