Can you track who views your Facebook Profile?

Answer As far as I know, nope. The only site I know of that has that option available is Yuniti ( ) - sorry!

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See who views your facebook profile....?

No!it doesn't work.It is a COMPLETE scamA real Facebook Profile Spy doesn't exist.However there are scammers trying to get people to set up an app for one and spamming their scams all over the inte... Read More »

Can you see who views your facebook profile?

No. You can restrict who views it, but you can't see who views it because anything on the internet is publicly accessible. The apps that say that they can show you are not legit.

On Facebook, can a person see who views their profile?

no, you would think so seeing how they tell everybody every single move you made.people not your friends can't see your facebook, you would have to add them for them to see it

Do you think/wish that Facebook allowed users to track who viewed their profile?

yes and no. sometimes I want to see who's looked at my profile, but sometimes I'll look at someone's profile just to look at a picture or something but I don't necessarily want them to see that.