Can you trace a calling card?

Answer A calling card can be traced in a few instances. If the card has a maintenance fee, you can request records indicating call history. PC-to-phone cards allow you to view your history online. Some ca... Read More »

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Can you trace a prank callBESIDES calling the cops?

no...*69 will not give you the number....!! put *67 before you call them back!!

Calling a UK cell from a cell phone or calling card?

don't use any calling card that charges you fees and taxes, that s a rip-off...why don't you use cheap and easy....use a web-cam too, so you can see your family and friends....or us... Read More »

Calling card?

why don't you use no one will ever know that you called your friend!!

How to Use a Calling Card?

You can purchase a calling card and use it from anywhere in the world. When you buy a calling card, it will generally come loaded with a certain number of minutes. However, with some calling cards,... Read More »