Can you throw your baby in the pool?

Answer ...nothat is not good living

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Can allowing children to throw pennies in the pool cause chemical balance problems in a chlorine pool like affecting the PH and causing metal stains?

If your pool is properly water balanced and has a pH near 7.5 (certainly greater than 7.2), then it is unlikely that the copper pennies will be a problem with either water balance or stains. Rememb... Read More »

How to Hold Your Baby in the Swimming Pool?

Happy Baby in the Hug HoldHave you ever wondered if you were holding your baby incorrectly in the swimming pool? Or if some holds are better than others? In this article, you will learn the holds t... Read More »

If you thought that TWO of your contacts were pregnant, would you throw them a joint baby shower?

I'd throw them a joint babby shower.The more the merrier!

How to Throw a Pool Party?

Pool parties are great for summer and having a fun time with your friends.Here's how to throw a pool party your friends will never forget!