Can you text on an ipod touch without WiFi?

Answer no sorry. but you cannot. u must be connected to wifi.

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Do you need a contract to text on iPod touch with wifi?

You don't have to have a contract to message on your iPod touch because iTouches do not support SIM cards. However, you do need an internet access hub (or internet router) to access the internet so... Read More »

Can you text on an ipod without wifi?

I am pretty sure you cannot txt without wifi, I have been trying to look it up and I can't find anything! Haha I will keep looking and update if I find otherwise :). (I really wish people would sto... Read More »

How to get wifi anywhere on ipod touch?

You can't. An ipod does not have the physical hardware to get cellular data. It only has wifi and wifi only works when connected to a router. If you want an ipod that gets internet everywhere, you ... Read More »

Does ipod touch work without wifi?