NFPA 110 Standards for Emergencies?

Answer The National Fire Protection Association standard 110 governs the use of emergency power supply systems and power transfer switches. An NFPA standard classifies effective emergency power generation... Read More »

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How to Cook Outside in Emergencies?

In the worst circumstances, it is possible to cook without electric or  gas stoves. It is possible to take care of yourself and your family without panic when you know what to do and how to do it.... Read More »

How to Outfit Your Car for Emergencies?

Whether you are stranded or in an accident, knowing how to outfit your car for emergencies ahead of time could possibly mean the difference between life and death. From flat tires to needing a firs... Read More »

Insulin Pumps and Emergencies?

Well.... taking the entire scene into perspective..Why did the hypothetical patient call EMS in the first place?If its on the world of minor issues (sprained knee), and the patient is able to m... Read More »

How to Make an Emergencies Bag for School (Girls)?

We all know that things happen at school. You forgot sneakers for gym and can't afford to take a 0 for the day, you got your period but the nurse doesn't have the right kind of tampons, you got a s... Read More »