Can you test too early for strep throat?

Answer On One Hand: You Can't Be Early EnoughBecause of the severity of strep throat's major complication, namely rheumatic fever, you should have clinicians test for strep throat as soon as you suspect i... Read More »

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What are some early symptoms and causes of strep throat?

Symtoms include redness, soreness in salowing, and possible flu like symptoms. I'd wait a couple of days to see if white bumps apear, then go see a doctor. It is possible you just have a sinus infe... Read More »

Question about Strep Throat and Meds early?

Did y'all have sex? It's possible for herpes and it hits the female more than the male and shows up 3 days to a week after. For some reason, you get strep symptoms whenever you get the first outbre... Read More »

Can strep throat only be caused by a viral infection, or bacterial as well Can it be stopped early on?

My son had strep several times, he was checked, it was bacterial because antibiotics took care of it rapidly. However, that was a long time ago and now antibiotics are not working so well against ... Read More »

I have strep throat. My boyfriend said sperm will eat the strep and make me feel better. Is it true?

These people are totally ignorant, especially the chick that claims she is married to a doctor, I seriously doubt his jaw hit the floor, unless he is double jointed, which brings me to this questi... Read More »