Can you tell you are pregnant at three weeks' I am fourteen?

Answer Not likely. If it so happens that your not pregnant put a dime between your legs next time...

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What do you do if you think you are pregnant at the age of fourteen and you don't know how to tell your parents?

Hi, first of all has your pregnancy been confirmed by a doctor?well deppends what type off parents you have got. if you have got parents that are rea;y strict pack you bags nd leave nd jst leave a ... Read More »

You are 18 19 in three weeks and you are about 2 an a half weeks pregnant the father is 35 he said he would be there for you no mater what an now he has changed you think you are going to end alone?

Well too bad you didnt ask earlier about being involved with a man twice your age.. Someone could have clued you in to the fact that a 35 year old man only wants one thing from a 18 year old. Prob... Read More »

Can you go on roller coasters if you are three weeks pregnant?

Answer You should not go on a roller coaster 3 weeks pregnant you are at a higher risk of miscarring in the first three months and going on a roller coster that pulls and jiggels and thrashes you ... Read More »

I have tested positive as pregnant 3 weeks. During the 1st week before I know I am pregnant I had a sauna lasting three 10 minute sessions with a cooling off between each session. Any comments?

Answer I am not sure what you mean by 3 weeks pregnant as this is 3 weeks after your last period when you would not have a positive test. You get pregnant 2 weeks BEFORE your missed period. Wha... Read More »