Can you tell who's looking at your Twitter?

Answer Yes and no. The normal default for Twitter is to allow your followers to read your updates and to make your updates available for anyone searching for a specific update. If you wish more privacy, y... Read More »

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Whos that cartoon guy on facebook/ twitter that says killyourself, you're*?

Whos swiching to bluray and whos not?

I'm not upgrading yet. It's too expensive. They claim that the bluray player will still play normal DVDs but if that's the case I'll just buy my husband a PS3. Bluray isn't supposed to scratch o... Read More »

What Famous People on twitter RT or tweet your back on twitter . And how do you get Alot of tweets?

follow me on twitter and ill follow you back!@obvjessica

I have changed my password for twitter from PC. But am unable to log in to twitter through safari of Ipad2 .?

OK, try this...1. Log out of twitter on your iPad, both on Safari and the iPad twitter app.2. Change the password on your PC3. Log out of twitter on your PC4. Reboot your PC5. Log in to twitter on ... Read More »