Can you tell when one of your contacts........?

Answer *hic* to whut are u referencing my deer sir? *hic.... stumbles into chair.... taking a swig of wine*I dun know who u cud possibly b referring two. *hic*No, I can't tell if they are are drunk..... a... Read More »

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How to Tell When to Change the Contacts in Your Eyes?

With practice, contact lenses become easy to put into your eye and as a result, you get the benefits of clear vision without wearing glasses. However, keeping contacts in for longer than the recomm... Read More »

If you are syncing your Gmail contacts over the air to your Iphone - when you add a contact on your Iphone does it get added to your Gmail contacts?

Can You Tell A When Someone Is Wearing Colored Contacts?

I can tell. Maybe its because I'm an Optician with many, many years experience, but I can spot colored contacts a mile away. I think even if I weren't an Optician, I'd still spot them, because th... Read More »

How do you get your contacts back when your account has been suspended?

I go to the section I use most, in my case R&S, and clickon the "Most Popular" link. That usually has about half a dozen of my favorite contacts. Then I use their contact lists to find everyone els... Read More »