Who Pays for the Open Bar at a Wedding Reception?

Answer Traditions surrounding a wedding include those of who pays for each element of the event, including the open bar. Although there are some guidelines about who typically pays for each part, it varie... Read More »

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Who pays the most federal taxes in the United States?

The top 10 percent of income earners pay the most in federal taxes. Sixty-eight percent of federal revenue is generated by this group. Tax bills are not a matter of public record; therefore, the pu... Read More »

Who pays income taxes in United States?

The requirements for filing income tax in the United States vary according to age, marital status, dependent status and other factors. For example, a single person under 65 years of age who is not ... Read More »

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As of 2010, single people whose earnings exceed $357,700 pay the greatest amount of taxes in the United States. Their tax rate on the top dollar amount is 35 percent. Those who file single and are ... Read More »

Can a United States minister perform a wedding in Canada?

In order to perform weddings in Canada, a U.S. minister must establish a ministry or church in the Canadian province where he wishes to perform wedding ceremonies. The church should incorporate and... Read More »