Just to make my fellow pregnant ladies laugh....or atleast smile...?

Answer Im pregnant and I laughed - so I starred!

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How to Get Rid of Smile and Laugh Lines on the Mouth?

As you age, you develop wrinkles. This is common around the eyes and mouth because when you smile and laugh you pinch your face up, creasing the skin. The more times smile or laugh, the more the sk... Read More »

Who sang Smile Smile Smile on Castle?

Apparently Criminal Minds Season 5 will start in September I heard that it will start on September 22, I am SO excited!

Was Truman capote ever a guest on Laugh InI know he was on Johnny Carson but Im sure I saw him on Laugh In but they don't give him credit.Did he ever do any other shows I remember him satuarating tv?

How to Make Someone Laugh?

Do you want to be a comedian or a clown? Do you want to make people laugh? Here's how to start!!