Can you tell me some websites for children below 2?

Answer 2 year olds online? What's this world coming to?

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What are some websites for free activities for children?

What are some websites that you can search for your adopted children?

the websites that children could adoupt in are:planet cazmo fantage club penquien barbie girl adoupt guffins and moshi monsters

Is there some one who can help me with some complex math Expressions in 'C' programming.(details given below)?

in C the evaluation for an expression goes like this:Evaluate the right part of expression and then the left oneand i=5 returns 5so:1. x-=k*=j/=i%=5; - i%=5 -> 2 and i=2 - j/=i%=5 -> j/=2 -> 1 and ... Read More »

Can anyone give me some links for some websites i can trust, to buy iPods?

iF You would like a original and a brand NEW iPods, then I would suggest the following:,Hope ... Read More »