Hey, can anybody say me some books which tell you how to make some gadgets or some electronic stuff?

Answer How about QST magazine?Or back issues of Radio-Electronics and Popular-Electronics.

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Why did you say all those thing on tv and at the you lied in when you hurt not one but two people ..tell me DeAnna why tell a story on tv. Iknew who picked at the beginning of the show.?

Can some one please tell me some good country songs?

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Im 5weeks pregnant, if u could tell me 1 thing:?

1. Ignore family advice.2. I wished I figured out half a can of coke got rid of my nausea much earlier.

Please tell me what a good thing to do here is? - this website may help make sure you get rid of it my mates 18 and he's fingers, toes and back is bad from it