Can you tell me if you conider these foods to be off-limits to vegetarians?

Answer All those fit under the definition of Lacto-ovo Vegetarian since none of those items directly result in the death of an animal. Of course none of those are vegan since all require the exploitation ... Read More »

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Bbq foods for vegetarians?

Vegetable Kebabs with Oriental DressingThis recipe is dairy free, but a delicious variation is to add 225g/8oz Halloumi cheese, cut into chunks and threaded onto the skewers between the vegetables.... Read More »

What are the most energitic foods & drinks for vegetarians?

You're' not ok with cooking. Well that is unpleasantly offensive. And you don't' seem open to having a talk about it either. I would like to have a long involved talk with you about it but that see... Read More »

Calling all vegetarians! What are all the not-so-obvious foods we cant eat?

I was going to mention wine and also fruit pastilles and stuff.If you go to the below website, it's a page on the Vegetarian Society website and it lists 'stumbling blocks' which is basically foods... Read More »

Vegetarians & Vegans: Do you miss the taste of any foods?

Although it made me nauseated and sick a lot I sometimes miss cheese all kinds except cottage. I also sometimes miss chez-its, snickers and other junk foods like that. Anything else I might *miss* ... Read More »