Can you tell me if these are good people to watch?

Answer YES totally awesome! Especially Pewdiepie I have to watch at least 3 videos of his every day because if I don't I feel really bored and he makes me smile on the saddest of days. :D Nova is my secon... Read More »

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I'm about to finish Stargate SG-1 and i found out that there are 2 movies left to watch The Ark of Truth and Continuum When would be a good time to watch them before i finish or after?

The first one is sort of 'status quo', in other words could happened at almost any time through the series. The second one is some sort of final for the entire serie. They close some plots in it, ... Read More »

How many people watch TV in the USA?

According to the Nielsen ratings company, an estimated 290 million people age 2 and older in the United States watch television as of September 2009. The numbers reflect an increase of 1.5 percent ... Read More »

How to People Watch?

Have you ever just wanted to sit and watch the passing crowds? Maybe try to figure out their lifestyles or where they are headed? This article will explain a few steps to get you started.

How many people watch tg4?

His last contract was reported to be worth an estimated 25-27 million a year,