Would you consider a 600cc crotch rocket a "girl bike"?

Answer No.600's are fine.

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Your friend asked this man who had aids for ketchup that was in a bottle-She touched the ketchup itself.-She touched the remote control and then I touched it and then I masturbated-Do we have aids?

I got kicked in the crotch my this jerky girl at school. I'm really embarrassed now. Help?

give her a taste of her own medicine.after you kick her in the vag. and she sees how much it hurts a girl. she will not do it again

If a girl got kicked hard in the crotch, how long would it take for her to recover?

Not cool; find another form of entertainment; Obviously the harder one is hit the more damage; and it could be permanent;Do you jump out of tall buildings too, to see who breaks the most bones?

My boyfriend had pre-ejaculation fluid on his sweat pants and I touched it then touched myself. Can i get pregnant.?

If you do, it will be the next evolution of human being, or the second coming (so to speak). It is possible, but extremely improbable. Firstly, pre-ejaculate has a very slim sperm count, if at all... Read More »