Can your body temperature tell you if you're pregnant?

Answer Answer Umm... It could cause it can raise when pregnant, but that could also just mean you have the flu. So see a doctor or take a home pregnancy test.

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Does your blood pressure drop after a hot bath?

Your blood pressure can drop after a hot bath or shower because the heat can cause your blood vessels to dilate. The drop can result in light-headedness. Just getting overheated can have the same e... Read More »

What does the shape of your body tell you about your health?

On One Hand: Body Shape Can Help Predict Health RiskBody shape can be used to predict the risk of diseases related to obesity, such as coronary artery disease and diabetes. If you carry your extra ... Read More »

Why does water taste super cold after eating a mint, cough drop, or brushing your teeth?

How many days after conception does your temperature begin to rise?

Answer Your temperature lowers while you are ovulating or preparing to ovulate. Therefore once the egg is released your temperature will rise. If you do not conceive, it will fall again as you g... Read More »