Can you tell me anything interesting you know of the shoulder chakras?

Answer I know a small amount about the chakras, but had never heard of shoulder chakras before.It made me curious to see if there were such chakra, and I managed to find the following:QuoteThe Shoulder-Bl... Read More »

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Does anyone know anything interesting that i could do with 3 spare computers?

Did you find anything interesting?

Yes! I found a great book to re-read and some things to play with too! I found some coloring books and and some word find books and a bible study books!

Is there anything interesting to see/do in Chiasso?

Not really. Chiasso is mainly a big train station. However recently, the m.a.x. museo was opened. This museum is designated to Max Huber, a Swiss graphics designer. Its website (http://www.maxmuseo... Read More »

Did anything interesting happen in NASA in 2001?

Budget Cuts, and a need to make it safer. They don't want another Apollo 13.