Can you tell me all the little symbols on the number pad when you press alt?

Answer Here is an alt code chart:…

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When i press number 3 on my keyboard i get a # instead of a £ ?

You are running in US keyboard .Go to control panel, regional settings, check keyboard setup.Alternatively, you might see a blus square with "EN" on it, on the righthand side of your taskbar, click... Read More »

What keys do I press to create symbols to use here at Yahoo Answers How do I make musical notes?

here is a list, hopefully it helps you to make your musical notesALT+1 = ☺ALT+2 = ☻ALT+3 = ♥ALT+4 = ♦ALT+5 = ♣ALT+6 = â™ ALT+11 = ♂ALT+12 = ♀ALT+13 = ♪ALT+14 = ♫ALT+15 = ☼ALT+12... Read More »

How do you put little symbols next to a contact on the iPhone 4?

Download the app "icons" Then go to your contacts - press edit - name and put any icon you want before the name. (to switch from typing letter to icons press "globe" button). Much easier and fas... Read More »

What symbols are used in Little Women?