Can you tell me all the little symbols on the number pad when you press alt?

Answer Here is an alt code chart:…

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What keys do I press to create symbols to use here at Yahoo Answers How do I make musical notes?

here is a list, hopefully it helps you to make your musical notesALT+1 = ☺ALT+2 = ☻ALT+3 = ♥ALT+4 = ♦ALT+5 = ♣ALT+6 = â™ ALT+11 = ♂ALT+12 = ♀ALT+13 = ♪ALT+14 = ♫ALT+15 = ☼ALT+12... Read More »

Are there anymore symbols like these: •◘○♦♣♠☺☻♥ I know u can make more if u hold the number down longer....?

Go to the character map found in your start menu.Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character MapThere it lists every character found in the keypad. Change the font for different listings of ... Read More »

When i press number 3 on my keyboard i get a # instead of a £ ?

You are running in US keyboard .Go to control panel, regional settings, check keyboard setup.Alternatively, you might see a blus square with "EN" on it, on the righthand side of your taskbar, click... Read More »

Bbc radio 1 press office number?

The BBC gave him a lifetime achievement award in 2006, which suggests he was 65 and they were expecting him to retire. That would make him 70ish now and that in my opinion, would be about right jud... Read More »