Who is dead from MASH tv show?

Answer Larry Linville (Frank Burns) and Maclean Stevenson (Henry Blake) are former MASH cast members who are now deceased. Recurring guest star Ed Winter (Col. Flagg) is also dead.

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What happened to the show Dead like Me?

It was cancelled a few years ago. Six years later they made a movie called "Life After Death" but that was it and they aren't going to bring it back.

In the TV show Dead like Me how did Rube die?

In life it is believed that he died by the hands of the police (i.e. shoot-out or execution). As a reaper after 'Der Waffle Haus' burns down he disappears and the other members find it strange, but... Read More »

Why was the TV show dead zone cancelled?

DEAD PIXELS, just wondering when they will show up...........?

LCD pixels are the product of VERY intricate wiring and surface etching. It is not incredibly uncommon to buy a product that has 1-5 dead pixels as a result of a spec of dust resting under the sub... Read More »