There was a murder mystery show on E a couple of years ago it was hosted by a man and it was kind of like an E true Hollywood story type of show but darker and more sinister like about older cases?

Answer You might be talking about 'Final 24", which was the final 24 hours of dead celebrities (Chris Farley, Anna Nicole Smith, etc.) It wasn't necessarily about murder exclusively, but I believe there ... Read More »

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Newborn & Baby section Show and Tell! Tell me about your avatar picture?

My avatar is a picture of my youngest Riley Michael. It was taken this past Saturday & he's almost 9 months old. I made my husband grab the camera because he was making the cutest expressions while... Read More »

In the TV show Dead like Me how did Rube die?

In life it is believed that he died by the hands of the police (i.e. shoot-out or execution). As a reaper after 'Der Waffle Haus' burns down he disappears and the other members find it strange, but... Read More »

What happened to the show Dead like Me?

It was cancelled a few years ago. Six years later they made a movie called "Life After Death" but that was it and they aren't going to bring it back.

How can someone be a Guest on The Maury Show i have a story for The Maury Show and i Would like to Be a Guest on The Maury Show i would like to tell Maury Show?