Can you tell me a natural method to get rid of warts that really works?

Answer burn em

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Can you tell me if this teeth whitening method works?

Woah It does work! :O but I used a toothbrush instead of a q-tip :P

What is the most unorthodox method for cooking a turkey - that ACTUALLY works?

My sister does this thing where she debones a turkey, a duckling and a spatchcock (baby chicken). Then she makes a forced meat stuffing, a cous cous stuffing and a rice based stuffing. She places t... Read More »

What is your best natural remedy tip that you know works?

Carrots for insect bites. I've personally used carrot on a yellow-jacket sting, and it never swelled. The person who told me about it used it on a brown recluse spider bite (it rots the flesh!) and... Read More »

Help for Thinning Hair That Really Works?

Hair can begin to thin, in both men and women, for a number of different reasons. Hair thins simply from the aging process. It may also become thin from damage caused by styling, an underlying phys... Read More »