How to Tell Someone That Something They Said Offended You Without Being Offensive Yourself?

Answer It's inevitable: You will one day be in a social or business situation, and someone in the group will make a comment that will simply rub you the wrong way. Hard. It could be intentional or uninten... Read More »

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Can you show me a verse in the Bible that says eat only veggies?

Wow, You look rough without makeup. I thought you said that you was good lookingWhy did'nt you tell me that?

OOOOPS. God, you looked so very handsome, fit and sexy in the dark and through the bottom of those glasses, but reality.......... eeeewwwwwww. What was I thinking? I will stop drinking from this mi... Read More »

Please tell me about hardware that how to install linux & tell something about it because i want format my pc?

Hardware is generally well supported in Linux despite what many will tell you. Assuming you are working with Windows Overall a Linux based platform can perform most of the tasks equally as well as ... Read More »

What Is The Rudest, Meanest Thing Someone Has Said About You Being Pregnant?

Congratulations to you.... You know what people are like they comment about anything apart from there own lives. I've given up listening now . I'm currently 8 wks with my second child, (father num... Read More »