Can you tell me Cambodian Recipe or Food Cuisine?

Answer Cambodian Food Cuisine is famous for its strong flavors and spicy tinge. Cambodian Food Cuisine is most commonly known as Khmer cuisine and it has strong flavors and fish and rice are most importan... Read More »

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Can anyone tell me about Thai food cuisine?

Thai cuisine is a favorite of gourmet food aficionados around the world. It is well known for diversity of ingredients, complex spiciness and intricate flavors and aromas. Many Thai dishes are even... Read More »

What is Australian Food Cuisine?

Here in Australia we don't have a strict cuisine - we're quite multicultural so it's really a mix of British, Asian (Chinese and Indian especially), Italian, Greek and Middle Eastern influences. So... Read More »

What is Japanese Food Cuisine?

It is the style of foods the Japanese makeDune

What is Russian Food Cuisine?…