Can you tell if someone has blocked you on msn messenger?

Answer Do what a girl i was trying to ignore did when i blocked her. (but no they don't know there blocked) create a new fictitious contact hopefully they except not knowing who you really are and then y... Read More »

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How to Check Who Blocked You on Windows Live Messenger?

If you use Windows Live Messenger to instant message with your friends, but there is one person who you may suspect is blocking you, there is no way to find out for sure, but there are some ways to... Read More »

How can I know, on MSN and Yahoo, if my Messenger contact is connected invisible or if she blocked me ?

Simple: I could helpThe site shown is safe and I scan it or spyware, none was found.

How do i remove windows live messenger blocked list contacts?

Click "Show Menu" above the Windows Live Messenger contact list, then hover the mouse cursor over "Tools" and click "Options."Click the "Privacy" category in the left pane of the window.Click the c... Read More »

Someone stole my iphone. I read on forums about people with iphones with blocked imei's but att and apple both claim that can't do it. How can I get the imei blocked so nobody can use that phone?

over course they can but u shouldn't give them a phon like that anyway that's stupid they shouldn't havce a phone anyways