Can you teell about your lives since birth?

Answer It depends who you are talking to. And it is impossible to remember your whole life from the moment you were born. How far can you remember back? Not as far as that, I think!

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How many children surrender at birth end up getting adopted and how many end up spending their lives in foster homes?

How can you find your birth mother if you are 43 years old and all you have is her maiden name and you were told she lives in Virginia?

Answer Once you are 18 you have legal rights to all paper that include your name. First start by the town and count you were born in, after you established that you should be able to find out your... Read More »

When you adopt a child who was born in Georgia that now lives in Ohio what happens when their birth mother changes her mind?

Answer If the adoption was finalized, then it will be an uphill battle for the birth mother. The more time which goes by after an adoption, the more trying it is for a child to just switch homes. ... Read More »

I need a in-n-out employees to teell me what do they ask in interviews because i have one with in-n-out?

general questions. do you have restaurant experience?can you operate a cash registerhow can you deal with stress, long line and angry people getting surley - what would you do. if a member of your... Read More »