Can you tape a program on your HDTV with HDMI cable?

Answer No. Consumer VCRs are not compatible.

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Can a hdtv with dvi in work with sony playstation3 using dvi hdmi hdmi cable?

Yes, a DVI input will usually accept an HDMI signal via an adapter cable but make sure the TV input is HDCP compliant otherwise protected content, such as Blu-ray movies, will not be viewable.Also ... Read More »

Connecting PC to hdtv with hdmi cable?

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What do you do if your HDTV is so old it does not have HDMI cable input?

As HDTV made its entrance to the market, HDMI was not available. Because of this, there are a handful of HD televisions that have only analog HD inputs or perhaps RGB inputs.HDMI was introduced by ... Read More »

What if your HDTV does not have an HDMI cable input?