Can you tap a phone with a police scanner?

Answer Im not an expert but imo..Can't tap a land line.Can't tap cell phone as frequency ranges are different, as well as, modern day cell transmissions are digital (converted to 1s and 0s electronically)... Read More »

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How you can get the police scanner app 5-0 for free. If the police catch you with it can you get into trouble ?

The app the other answer links to may technically be "legal" to sell but If i were you I would check the local laws in your country that apply. Some countries do make it illegal for citiizens to sc... Read More »

How do you listen to live police scanner on my android phone?

The closest you can get is an app that allows you to listen to recordings of police,fire and other services from around the world. I had it, and it works best over wifi with broadband. If I rememb... Read More »

Police scanner came over my phone before I had the app... wth!?

Bleed over. Google the words.......rf bleed over....and you will understand.

20 channel Police Scanner.... 200 Channel Police Scanner (please help, easy answer)?

The number of channels on a scanner does not correlate to what channel the police and fire use. To find the correct frequencies your local area, go to the database at RadioReference http://www.radi... Read More »