Can you tan in tanning bed while on adipex?

Answer well no but doctors request you to stay away from tanning booths until you r done with meds since it ups you r chance for a stroke or cancer sorry but hey i may save your life.

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Is it bad to go to the tanning bed while pregnant?

The UV light only penetrates about an inch into your skin, so theres no risk to harming the baby while tanning. The only risk involved in pregnant women tanning is the woman overheating in the bed,... Read More »

Can you go to a tanning bed while pregnant?

AnswerMy local sunbed has signs suggesting you don't if pregnant - I asked about it and it seems that as your hormones will be all over the shop, you may increase the risk of skin damage as the ski... Read More »

I got in the tanning bed on while Biaxin?

Biaxin, like many, many, many other medications can cause a sensitivity to UV rays, (so tanning beds and sunlight), so when they say to avoid sun exposure, they mean it for a reason. No more tanni... Read More »

Can you go tanning while pregnant?

Yes, what do you think might happen? Don't pregnant women get a sun tan in Mexico, or Africa, without problems?If you are on vacation and tanning in the sun you should be aware that your tan may be... Read More »