Can you take your little siblings and move?

Answer Relationships, coping with difficult friendships, action-fantasy, love.14-16 year olds are like anyone else in that they will enjoy reading something if it is well-written, engaging, and has comple... Read More »

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If your mother dies do you have the right to take in your younger siblings?

no not your younger siblings your mother picks people to take care of you wich is called a god mother and god father.

Can your boyfriend's mother take your father to court so you can move in with them?

Answer No, persons who are not the biological parent(s) have no legal rights concerning the child regardless of what the issue may be.

How to Take Care of Your Little Brothers?

So, your parents have finally went out of town! Great! This means party, right? There’s only one problem: they left your little brothers behind. And guess who’s going to watch over them? You.Ba... Read More »

If you are pregnant and only 16 and you move out on your own will Childrens Aid take the baby?

AnswerThey will only if you can't cloth, feed,take care of the baby, or your on drugs. If they see that you are making effort to do all of the above and your trying to help yourself and the baby th... Read More »