Can you take your iPhone 3g to israel and use a local sim card if so how can you do it?

Answer Yes I did it this summer.Your iPhone needs to be unlocked so that you can insert a local SIM card.Cheers,Michaelyou can rent the sim in the site www.atsisrael.comDan

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What salutation would you use when greeting a local in Israel?

The word for hello in Hebrew is shalom. Other greetings include good morning or good evening, which translates into boker tov or erev tov. You can also say what's happening or ma koreh?References:... Read More »

How to fix my iphone.. I got an iphone from a friend with an optus sim card and I put a boost sim card in it then restored it via itunes to fix the camera now it says it needs the carrier sim?

Any time you restore an iPhone you will lose your jailbreak and your unlock and you will have to start from scratch and do it all over again. You also cannot use a Boost SIM card in an iPhone as Bo... Read More »

How much is the iPhone 4S in Israel?

You have to get the number off the back of the router and type it in as your password

Can i use the discover card in israel?

As of July 2010, the Discover Card is not accepted anywhere in the country of Israel as a form of payment. Discover is expanding its global network, but has no plans in place yet to expand into Isr... Read More »