Can you take vitex if you have pcos?

Answer Vitex, or chasteberry extract, can be taken by women who have PCOS as an aid for hormonal balance. However, women should always tell their doctor about any vitamins and herbs they take, as they can... Read More »

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How often do i take vitex?

On One Hand: The Normal DosageAccording to, Vitex is used for the long-term balancing of a woman's hormonal system. The recommended dosage is 30 to 40 milligrams once in the morning.... Read More »

Is it safe to take vitex while pregnant?

Vitex, a homeopathic treatment for irregular menstrual cycles, should be taken from ovulation to menstruation. You should not take Vitex while you are pregnant or if you suspect you may be pregnan... Read More »

Is it safe to take vitex until you're pregnant?

On One Hand: Vitex Increases Chance of PregnancyVitex, also known as chaste berry, is one of the most popular natural supplements that is recommended for women trying to get pregnant. Vitex helps w... Read More »

Should I Take Birth Control for PCOS?

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