Can you take the morning after pill if on birth control?

Answer Emergency contraception (the morning after pill) contains progestin and/or estrogen, the same hormones found in hormonal birth control, and can be taken with regular birth control pills. Because th... Read More »

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Birth control pill after you had unprotected sex?

ANSWERIf you have unprotected sex and then take the pill that will not cause you to NOT get pregnant. If you are on the pill and miss a day there is a still a possibility but not a greater chance s... Read More »

What point after unprotected sex is it too late to take the morning after pill?

Answer 72 hrs, three days, afterwards it gets less and less effective.

How to Prevent Acne After Going Off the Birth Control Pill?

Many women experience acne after going off the birth control pill, even if skin problems were not an issue before they started using it. Stopping birth control triggers acne because it changes horm... Read More »

When do women take the morning after pill?

Women can take the morning-after pill, a form of emergency contraception, up to 72 hours after sexual intercourse. Some morning-after pills also include a second dose, which is taken 12 hours after... Read More »