Can you take the eye from a living donor and transplant to a blind person ?

Answer I sure would be the first one on that list...I had cancer when I was 1 year old in my left eye and I lost sight so tragic...but I have one health eye and would love another. Damn...there's a lot of... Read More »

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Can you donate your heart if you are a living donor?

If someone is blind, but not BORN blind, do they still dream as a sighted person?

we usually dream using the brain centers that have the information stored from previous experiences , so if she saw things before she got blind she will see those things in her dreams , some people... Read More »

I want a hair transplant but the only viable donor hairs I have left are my Pubic Hairs.?

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Can an hcv positive person be a stem cell donor?

The health of a stem cell donor is something that cannot be overlooked, as it could affect the health of the recipient. If a potential donor tests positive for hepatitis c (hcv) anti-bodies, he wil... Read More »