Can you take soma (drug) while on citalopram?

Answer talk to your doctor but i'm sure you'll be fine.

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Can you take soma while pregnant?

While there is no evidence of adverse effects of Soma (carisoprodol) in humans, there have been studies in animals that indicate some risk of adverse effects. Check with your doctor if you become p... Read More »

You took a soma for your gall stone how long should you wait to breastfeed?

well i am a surgeon and was a doctor for twenty seven years. From my studies it maybe be that the vagina hasen't been cleaned as often as need be,if the discharge is thick then you may have a bad y... Read More »

Citalopram & lortab; help?

The only thing would be that the two tend to increase each others' sedative effect. Other than that you're totally fine. So just be sure that you know how you react to the combined medications befo... Read More »

Can you get pregnant while taking citalopram?

Yes you can, theres nothing medical that says it interferes with conceiving so it does not work as birth control but you have to speak to your doctor about the dose when you are pregnant. Do not st... Read More »