Can you take so much tylenol that it just doesn't work anymore ?

Answer It's possible to build a tolerance. You should watch how much you take, since it builds up in your liver. Especially if you drink at all. And IMO there are much better OTC meds for headaches any... Read More »

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Where can I download youtube videos to mp3 I used to use but it doesnt work anymore?

Downloading videos to mp3 can be a bit tricky sometimes. Myself, I always use VDownloader ( to download my .mp3's and I never had any problem. I don't know if you already... Read More »

Did i just take too many tylenol?

Anyone who takes Tylenol (Acetaminophen) over a long period of time or who takes more than the recommended dosage can be at risk for liver damage. The odds increase if you also drink alcohol. I... Read More »

How much Tylenol can you take a day?

You can take up to 12 tablets of Regular Strength Tylenol in a 24-hour period. Take two tablets every 4 to 6 hours as needed. Always follow the instructions printed on the Read More »