Can you take river rocks from a river?

Answer In general, you may not take rocks from a river. In many state and national parks, rocks are protected just as plants are protected and taking them is prohibited. In some areas rivers belong to pro... Read More »

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How to Polish River Rocks?

River rocks are easily polished in a standard rock tumbler and are commonly used in indoor and outdoor decorating, as massage stones or in metaphysical crystal healing. River rocks can be purchased... Read More »

Can You Collect River Rocks?

You can collect river rocks (as geological specimens, ornaments or perhaps as landscaping materials), but make sure you only collect from permitted sites. Familiarize yourself with local and state ... Read More »

How to Lay Down a Tarp Under River Rocks?

A lot of work goes into landscaping your yard. River rocks may be a nice addition to a garden, but depending on how you acquire them, they can be expensive. The work that goes into hauling and plac... Read More »

Are river rocks good luck?

On One Hand: Luck Is MadeLuck is not related to individual people or items, such as rocks. Luck is created by positive thoughts and an expectation that everything will work out appropriately. Luck ... Read More »