Can you take pictures with an iPod Nano?

Answer No, but you can take videos. The current iPod Nano allows you to sync photos to the iPod via iTunes, but you cannot take actual pictures. The iPhone and iPhone 3G can take videos, and the 3GS can t... Read More »

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How do you put pictures on an iPod nano?

Answer that site out, it has a program that you download and will help you putting songs and pictures on it.

How do you get pictures off an iPod Nano?

Deleting photos from an ipodTo delete photos from your 5th Gen Ipod Nano you connect your Ipod to your computer. Go to the photos folder you've allocated your ipod to and delete the photos you dont... Read More »

How do you download pictures to an iPod Nano?

Answer Okay, first you need to have Itunes downloaded onto your computer. Then you need to create a new file, right click, then select new file, and give it a name. Once you have created a new fil... Read More »

Can the 5th generation ipod nano take pictures?

No, it can only take videos. But you can download something so it cazn take pictures.