Can you take out a student loan for housing in college?

Answer Many people don't even want to consider student loans for college, but you may want to look into Federal Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans (just Google for information, or your college financial ai... Read More »

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Can a student loan be used for off-campus housing?

No and yes. No, because your student loans go to the school first. So your land lord will not directly get the rent. So be prepared to pay your rent on time with something else.Yes, if you decide t... Read More »

Should I take out a $28,000 student loan my freshman year of college?

Unfortunately, a bachelor's degree in sociology will not take you that far in life. It will be hard paying back those loans with that type of degree and a job related in that field.Also, be careful... Read More »

How to Transfer a Parent's College Loan to a Student's Name?

The transfer of a student loan from a parent to the child depends on the type of student loan obtained. There are many different types of student loans that families can sign up for in order to fun... Read More »

I am going to Private college next year, will I be still able to get student loan?

If this school is recognized by the Dept of Education to receive federal funds then yes, you can get federal grants and loans if you qualify. But remember, a school this cost you will have to take... Read More »